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A rendition of the silver grey trending hair (photo above).  This set of hair extensions is called “Starry Nights”.  A titanium silver vibe with grey blue undertones.  I am a huge fan of the fade and also those that can pull it off. A few months ago I saw a lady…

What can I say?!  I love this chick!  Her handle is #pinupmommma  and she is true to her name.  Her goal was to create a set of clip in hair extensions that would add volume and slight length but more so add to her already look which was an ombre….

Every 7 years fashion repeats it self.  Was it really only 7 years that pastels were in style?!  Has anyone realized that 7 years ago, African American women were wearing the Ombre?  I know this because I import hair from all over the world and it was a big thing…

Happy to announce the top sellers!. All orders are hand made in the USA at our little boutique salon in Frederick, MD.