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Jennifer Lopez has 5 Reasons to say YES to Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions are not for those who only want length.  Extensions are for each and everyone of us gals!  Think of it as the accessory that you have always been missing out on!

Jennifer Lopez, in my opinion, is one of the hottest celebrities of 2017.


Here is a GREAT photo of Jennifer Lopez without hair extensions!


5 Reasons to say YES to wearing Hair Extensions

1. Length: Adding length for those who cannot achieve long locks on your own or are tired of growing out your hair.  Or incase of a botched hair cut you can quickly gain the length back that you thought you wanted to cut off.


2. Volume: Adding extensions gives you the volume and density that we oh-so want!  In the era of Victoria Secret Models and Jennifer Lopez,  it is possible to keep up with the trends and gorgeous look of thicker fuller hair.

A little addition goes a long way.


3. Covering thinning areas:  Wigs, wigs and more wigs!  Some woman suffer from female pattern baldness, certain extensions help to mask or even cover the hair loss.  This area is typically on the sides and below the round of the head.  I wouldn’t suggest attaching hair extensions to the crown area as they will show.  In that case I would suggest a top piece/wig.  J-LO Doesn’t have thinning hair but she does wear many hair additions (wigs) that could be used for women that have thinning hair.


4. Bangs/Ponytails:  You can create a the hair you’ve always wanted by adding clip in bangs, wrap around/clip on ponytails.  Fun and easy to use!


5. Adding color: Using extensions to add color (instead of coloring their hair) is a great way to change your haircolor as often as they would like without causing damage.  Jennifer Lopez uses hair extensions to add highlights often.

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