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A rendition of the silver grey trending hair (photo above).  This set of hair extensions is called “Starry Nights”.  A titanium silver vibe with grey blue undertones.  I am a huge fan of the fade and also those that can pull it off.


A few months ago I saw a lady walking down the street in Washington DC….she was gorgeous and was rocking grey blue hair.  That was my inspiration for the new Starry Nights set of hair extensions.  The bottom line is that your hair must be the lightest blonde in order for the color to look right.  Hair Extensions are great and the answer to wearing this trend because rather than bleaching out your own hair (SO damaging) you can wear the extensions.

The photo below is of a gal who buys platinum blonde extensions and colors them herself.  Other than the line of demarkation (where the dark meets the light) I am also a huge fan of the look.  I prefer slower fades, more of a melt than a line.  But regardless something about her and her ability to look amazing wearing this color is gorgeous!


Many of you ask how long will the color last in the sets of ombre hair extensions that I make by hand at Studio She.  The answer is simple yet complex.  Being that I mix my own colors and don’t use cheap color such as Manic Panic….its all about molecules.  Red is a large molecule so it washes out of the hair easier.  That said, at all times use cold water and don’t wash often.  I work with oil delivery which is extra conditioning for the hair.  I also don’t work with heat so the process is slower but in the end the hair is healthier.

This week I have a new set of hair extensions that I am launching in the store.  They are only silver/grey without the blue undertones.  Here is an inspirational photo that helped me get amped about the look!


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