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Bangs NOT Botox! Clip in Bang Pieces are here to stay…

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OH sure…I have confessed my obsession with aging gracefully….ehhem!  Graceful with a few short cuts along the way. Nothing wrong with doing something that makes me feel good. It’s a personal choice.

As the world turns, so does the mass desire to be more perfect and “organic” at the same time. Almost sounds impossible.

Words like worry lines, bunny lines, eleven’s and cupids bow…simple elegant  ways of NOT saying the word, “wrinkle”.  If you want to hide your 11’s (the two lines between the eyebrow), then why not opt for some hip bangs?!  Back in the d-a-y we referred to wrinkles as “smile lines“…bring on 2012 and that seems to be a thing of the past!

Wondering if bangs are for you? Try a clip on bang like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Jessica Simpson.  Sure it’s trending right now but HEY, what a great, less committal way to test the waters, OH and hide the…”worry lines”.

Bangs/Fringe is a style that has never gone…out of style.

Quick Tip:  Wash and style your clip on bang BEFORE application.

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